The Challenge

Nature’s Seed consistently had a conversion rate below 2%. As the ecommerce brand for a national seed company is was vital that they figure out how to increase their conversion rate so that they could profitably sell seeds online.

The Process

We began by analyzing their data to find which areas of the site were causing the worst drop-off rates. That’s because drop-off rates signal a customer who has lost interest and decided not to purchase and improving those areas lead to the highest increase in conversions.

Once we knew which areas of the site were causing the problem we needed to look at heat mapping data to see why users were leaving the site on those pages.

After data analysis we then created a series of tests to experiment with variations of features and copy all aimed at providing more value for customers and persuading them to stop leaving the site.

Over the course of a year we increased their conversion rate from 1.6% to 2.5% and generated nearly $750,000 in additional revenue for the business.

“Optimization Labs has done the impossible. We tried to increase our conversion rate for years and they finally did it.”

Andrew Karter Client
Skylar Christensen

Ecommerce Brand Manager

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