The Challenge

TxtFlo was a relatively new SaaS company that offered text message marketing services to businesses. As a new company they were unsure who their target audience should be, what they should say, about their product, and where they should say it. Ultimately, they wanted to scale their business.

The Process

To be successful we needed to implement a full-fledged marketing strategy including paid ads, landing page design, ad creation, and email and text campaigns. We began by determining what our initial tests would be and created a strategy around how to validate what we thought users wanted.

Over the course of 4 months as we sent out emails, tested new messages and audiences we began to see efficiencies in our marketing. Now, we are getting demos more cheaply than before and getting better qualified people to those demos.

Paid Ads

Robust audience and creative testing within the Facebook Advertising Platform.

Landing Page Design

We designed new landing pages and through data collection were able to determine which landing pages were working and which ones weren’t.

Nurture Campaigns

In order to get a good ROI we needed to nurture the leads that were coming in through ads. This included sending emails and text messages to nurture leads as they moved through the funnel.

“Optimization Labs has given us a real competitive advantage. Their attention to detail and overall marketing strategy is exactly what we were missing. It’s refreshing to get this level of value in such a competitive industry.”

Andy Ball

Managing Partner

Grow your traffic

Intelligent audience testing and creative design allowed for ads to scale.


Increase your sales

Nurturing leads through the sales funnel with email and texts made it more likely that potential leads became sales.

Sales Chart

“Optimization Labs has killed it for us. It’s like having an in-house marketing team without the hassle. Highly recommend! They will deliver BIGly.”

Marketing Consultant Expert
Dave Lee

CEO, TxtFlo

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