The Challenge

SnowBike Nation is a lifestyle brand that acts as an ambassador for the SnowBiking, a relatively new power sport. They reached out to Optimization Labs when they were ready to start taking guided SnowBiking tours and needed to find clients.

Website development for new brands

The Process

Originally we began by advertising exclusively on Google Ads because we wanted to see what competition and search volume would be for this new niche. We found that search impressions were not big enough in a local area to justify spending money on Google. We pivoted to advertising locally via Facebook where we could push our message to people who might be interested instead of waiting for them to search for us.

Having dedicated marketers on the team that are incentivized by performance rather than a retainer has made it possible for Kyle Allred, the owner of SnowBike Nation to spend less time on marketing and more time building the other critical areas of his business.

Data-Driven Testing

With a little bit of data, we could prove that Google was not the right place to advertise locally and spend our efforts and money where locals are more likely to see our message.


Our performance-based model incentivizes us to care about SnowBike Nation’s success nearly as much as Kyle does. This leads to a rich partnership.

Landing Page Design

The ad is only half of the equation. The other half is the landing page where visitors decide to convert or not. Optimization Labs built two custom landing pages that allow for easier conversions and improve the brand image.

“Working with Optimization Labs has saved me a lot of time. I can now take the time to build my business instead of worrying about marketing.”

Kyle Allred


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